Why bb Blanc?


In an industry full of choices, why should you choose bb Blanc? 

Typically, when you ask that question of AV companies, the answer you get is...We have great people, excellent gear, an incredible culture, and customer service. 

bb Blanc is a team of talented people with a shared vision and an incredible culture where passion, accountability and integrity are priorities. We operate out of a swanky new office, and because we are a relatively new company, we own lots of the latest gear. But those aren’t good enough reasons to choose us.

Over the past few months, the leadership team at bb Blanc has been hard at work to understand better our position in the market and how best to service customers in the post-pandemic world. 

As part of that work, we asked clients why they choose to work with bb Blanc Inc. and here is what they said:

  • We bring creative and fresh ideas
  • We are collaborative to work with
  • We deliver solutions that enhance their business results

More Business

One 3rd party planner said, “you guys do the best renderings in the industry by far. Your renderings help my clients visualize better what it will look like when attendees walk into the event. Ultimately you help me win projects.” Translation, more business.

Less Stress

Another corporate planner said to me, “you eliminated the stress that I used to feel onsite on show days because you had gathered input from all of the stakeholders before the event and built that into your solution” 

Tangible Results

We increased attendance at one companies’ holiday party by 60% because we were able to provide a combination of technology and entertainment that increased engagement at the event.

Another company was able to convince senior leadership to double the AV budget for their conference after we were able to show them how better AV would enhance learning and retention for attendees.

bb Blanc delivers results that impact your business. 

All events, whether virtual or live, require a professional team to ensure success. 

Contact us at www.bbblanc.com to learn more about innovative ways to communicate with your audience.

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