Different Types of Event Lighting

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Event lighting is a key part of how the mood and atmosphere of a room can be set. This can be seen in the way that different colours and modes of light are capable of influencing people. Warm colours like red and orange get people more active and excitable, while cooler colours like blue and green can have a more relaxing effect. You may be skeptical, but consider what happens when dimmed lighting is used during dinners: it helps guests relax and unwind by creating a cozier atmosphere.

These examples help illustrate some of the ways that event, party, and stage lighting in Toronto can be used to more effectively craft the ideal environment for your gathering to take place. However, there is more to lighting than just strength or colour; lighting systems matter as well, so consider these common forms of event lighting.

Types of AV Lighting for Events

Up Lighting

This is a technique where lights are placed on the ground and aimed upwards to project light either onto a wall or at a specific object. It's a useful way of highlighting certain decorations, parts of the room, speakers during a presentation, or other elements. Even if nothing specific is being highlighted, up lighting can be used to create a wash of colour over an area that can be put to a number of decorative or creative uses.

Gobo Lighting

A gobo is a type of stencil that gets placed over a light source. As the light passes through the gobo, the stenciled image gets projected onto whatever surface it's pointed at. Gobos are popular for the sheer level of imagination they can enable. Common uses include things like projecting a company logo or a bride-and-groom's monograph, but they can also be used to craft enchanting scenes and images.

Outdoor Lighting

If your event can be held outdoors, several extra lighting options will become available. Paper lanterns can be strung to evoke a dreamlike aura while maintaining a light and fun mood, while string or bistro lights can be used to draft a canopy over a dance floor or dinner area. You could also go with traditional approaches like candle-lined pathways or even Christmas lights.

Spot Lighting

As the name implies, spot lighting is when the light is focused on a single point and is usually used to focus on a specific object or person. This is a similar use to up lighting, but the difference is that spot lighting doesn't need to come from below. This can most commonly be seen in stage lighting, where spotlights are commonly used to highlight speakers, objects, or performers. Since they are so precise, spotlights can be used to create a number of impressive reflective visuals, such as the "disco ball" effect.

Which is the Best Lighting for Your Event?

Every type of light is best in different situations and for different needs. The type you end up using depends a lot on the individual effect you want to go for and how you want to make your guests feel. Do you want to show off something? De-emphasize something else? Get people excited? Calm them down? Slow dance? Fast dance? Consulting with an event planner and lighting expert can help you figure out which lighting options will work best.

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