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Virtual Events: Tips for being comfortable on camera

  • bb Blanc
  • September 03, 2020
  • 2 minute read

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In today’s world of virtual & hybrid events, many presenters are finding themselves more often than not, in front of the camera. Here are some tried, tested, and true ways to assist your speakers with becoming more comfortable on camera.

Practice ahead of time 

Having a script will help you feel more natural. Practicing your script or running through interview questions in advance will help presenters feel more comfortable and natural once on camera.

Dress comfortably

Being in front of the camera should feel like any other day of work. Dress in something that is professional and fits well. Avoid crowded patterns and stick with neutral colours.

Eliminate distractions

The more the presenters focus on the presentation and not what’s going on around them, the better.  Eliminate distractions so you can focus on the task at hand, creating a great message. Remember to put the phone on silent, shut the doors to personal spaces and try not to multi-task.

Get into the zone

Do whatever it takes to get comfortable. Do whatever helps you to relax, keep things casual and remember that not everything has to be done in one take if you are doing a pre-record. If it is live, simply roll with it, and keep going, just as you would at in in-person event.

Treat it like a conversation

While having a script or questions is helpful, treating being on camera like a conversation will help you feel more comfortable and appear more natural. People are watching to learn and want a human connection.

Remember to record

If you are presenting in a live situation, don’t forget to press record. This will allow you to go back, review and learn. This can be especially helpful if you are presenting on this topic again.

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Just like anything, the more times you present on camera, the better each time will be.

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