Urban Land Institute - ULI Spring Conference Case Study

Urban Land Institute - ULI Spring Conference Case Study


EVENT NAME: Urban Land Institute - 2023 ULI Spring Conference
VENUE: Metro Toronto Convention Centre
DATE: May 12th to 18, 2023
# of ATTENDEES: 4800, 400 sponsors
EVENT LINK: https://toronto.uli.org/events/spring-meeting-2023/

bb Blanc's provision of technical support for the Urban Land Institute (ULI) 2023 Spring Conference was a testament to their expertise in delivering comprehensive audio-visual and technical solutions for large-scale events. The conference, spanning across the entire Metro Toronto Convention Centre North Building and the adjacent Intercontinental hotel, showcased bb Blanc's ability to handle complex event requirements with precision and professionalism, marking a bold testament to cutting-edge event production and innovative use of technology.

At the heart of their support was a unique stage design that served as the focal point for the general sessions and demonstrated their innovative approach to engaging audiences. bb Blanc's commitment to excellence extended beyond the main stage, as they supplied an ample array of audio-visual products to support the diverse needs of the conference. This included facilitating seamless operations across multiple rooms and floors of the convention centre, underscoring their logistical and technical capabilities.

From the general session to the breakout rooms, bb Blanc ensured that each area was equipped with the necessary AV technology to facilitate clear communication and presentation, enhancing the overall attendee experience. Through their innovative stage design, comprehensive audio-visual solutions, and seamless coordination across multiple spaces, they created an immersive and engaging experience for attendees, solidifying the ULI 2023 Spring Conference as a testament to bb Blanc's industry-leading event production capabilities.


The Urban Land Institute required a comprehensive technical solution for their 2023 Spring Conference that would span across the entire Metro Toronto Convention Centre North Building and the adjacent Intercontinental hotel. The event demanded a visually striking main room setup, seamless coordination of audiovisual elements across multiple floors and rooms, and the ability to facilitate concurrent general and breakout sessions without compromising on quality or performance.

Additionally, ULI sought a partner who could understand their vision and craft a custom, visually striking set piece that encapsulated the conference's themes of innovation and urban development. They required a versatile AV system design that allowed for simultaneous events while maintaining consistent quality and performance across all sessions.


bb Blanc delivered a stunning visual experience in the main room, featuring a colossal 16 ft by 100 ft screen illuminated by a 4-projector blend and backed by an identical set of backup projectors. Additional outboard screens, managed by a Barco E2 Event Master Switcher and a Disguise D3 media server, expanded the viewing options.

The space was adorned with over 2000 feet of trussing, featuring a custom curved set piece and individually lit AV drop set pieces, creating a tailored environment for each presentation. Custom built stage additions further elevated the interaction, supported by over 60 meticulously placed rigging points.

bb Blanc's technical expertise and adaptability allowed them to quickly diagnose and resolve any issues that arose, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted experience for all participants. Their commitment to originality in audiovisual design and unwavering technical support transformed the event space into a captivating environment that stimulated and engaged attendees.

The positive feedback from organizers, presenters, and attendees alike underscored bb Blanc's success in creating an engaging and memorable event that not only met ULI's objectives but also elevated the overall event experience.


1. Main Room Setup & Custom Stage Design:

1. 4-projector blend on a 16 ft by 100 ft screen with backup projectors
2. Additional outboard screens managed by Barco E2 Event Master Switcher and Disguise D3 media server
3. Over 2000 feet of trussing with custom curved set piece and individually lit AV drop set pieces
4. Custom-built stage additions and over 60 rigging points
5. Visually striking curved set piece serving as the focal point of the main stage
6. Integrated AV elements and custom stage add-ons designed to enhance audience and presenter experiences

2. Comprehensive Audiovisual Support:
1. Coordination of AV setups across multiple floors and rooms
2. Versatile AV system design for simultaneous plenary, concurrent and breakout sessions
3. Meticulous attention to detail in audio levels, lighting angles, and custom stage elements
4. Seamless integration of diverse AV systems for a cohesive and engaging experience across all event areas

3. Contingency Planning and On-Site Expertise:
1. Dual competence of project managers as logistical coordinators and technical experts
2. Proactive approach with main systems and backups for all projects, including outboard equipment and main screen displays
3. Deployment of a full d&b line array system for unmatched audio quality
4. Extra equipment on hand to guarantee coverage for any equipment failure
5. Quick-thinking capability of project managers for on-the-spot adjustments

4. Sustainable Practices:
1. Use of energy-efficient LED lighting fixtures for superior visual quality and reduced power consumption
2. Active efforts to minimize material waste through reusable components and digital alternatives

5. Logistical Management:
1. Coordination of 3 tractor trailers and 8 straight trucks for extensive setup transport
2. 96 technicians and project managers for set up, 56 technical operators daily, and 94 technicians and project managers for strike
3. Total of 4261 labor hours over the course of the event

Frequently Asked Questions

What audio visual production solutions did bb Blanc provide for the ULI 2023 Spring Conference?
bb Blanc provided comprehensive AV production solutions, including a custom stage design, 4-projector blend, outboard screens, and coordination of AV setups across multiple floors and rooms.
How can bb Blanc's audio visual production expertise support large-scale events and conferences?
bb Blanc's AV production expertise ensures seamless technical support for large-scale events and conferences, with versatile system designs, meticulous attention to detail, and cohesive experiences across all event areas.
What sets bb Blanc apart in terms of audio visual production for large-scale events?
bb Blanc excels in creating custom stage designs, managing complex logistics, and providing comprehensive technical support with backup systems and quick-thinking project managers for large-scale events.
How does bb Blanc ensure reliable audio visual performance during large-scale conferences?

bb Blanc ensures reliable AV performance through proactive planning, backup systems, extra equipment on hand, and the expertise of their project managers and technicians to handle any challenges.

How can bb Blanc's audio visual production solutions elevate the experience of large-scale events and conferences?
bb Blanc's AV production solutions elevate event experiences through visually striking stage designs, seamless integration of audiovisual elements, and meticulous attention to detail across multiple spaces. Our expertise in handling complex logistics and providing comprehensive technical support ensures flawless execution for events of any scale, allowing organizers to focus on delivering engaging content while bb Blanc manages the technical aspects with precision and professionalism.

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