Top 5 Questions to Be Sure to Ask Your AV Provider

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Whether you are putting together a concert, wedding, or business conference, understanding and meeting your audiovisual (AV) needs will be an important part of the event planning process. There are many different types of audiovisual companies that you can potentially work with as well as a large variety of AV equipment that may be brought to bear for your event. Despite the many different ways that your audiovisual event services can take shape, there are some key questions that you should always make sure to ask ahead of time in order to ensure you are making the best choice.

What Other Products or Services Can You Offer?

Audiovisual companies come in a number of different types and not all are purely occupied with the equipment or the technical aspects of a production. In addition to audiovisual equipment rentals, a company may also offer entertainers, staging design, technical support, or other types of services that can be invaluable for putting together an event. By making sure you understand the full scope of what an AV business can offer you can more effectively take advantage of any "one-stop-shop" opportunities for heightened convenience and affordability.

What Is the Advantage of Your AV Company?

Among the questions to ask your AV provider candidate, this one can be surprisingly telling if you know what to look for. The question essentially asks the candidate to explain what makes it stand out against the competition. Just like in a job interview, this prompts the candidate company to emphasize what it considers to be its best traits. While the answer will never be completely exhaustive, it can be used to assess where a company's priorities lie. If the answer focuses on things like expertise or affordability, the fact that customer service is not emphasized should be kept in mind.

Can You Walk through the Venue With Me?

This question will come up after you have already settled on a candidate, but it is still important for ensuring optimal audiovisual event services. Every venue is unique and has various quirks and features that aren't always conveyed in photographs or by virtual tours. It is important to schedule a walkthrough at the venue to assess various aspects that could influence what equipment is used and how it is set up. Some potential examples:

  • Height of ceiling or size of doorways
  • Available storage space
  • Screen size and position relative to audience
  • Acoustics of the room
  • Outlet locations and available power

Doing a practice run through with your AV provider also helps ferret out any potential considerations and issues ahead of time.

How Much Will This Cost?

Getting a detailed and clear break down of prices will always help since no one wants to pay for something if they don't understand where the money is actually going. Don't be afraid to press for details about any elements you're curious about. Ask for elaboration of line items, learn the cost of audiovisual equipment rentals on a per-piece basis, and so on.

Can You Improve the Value?

This can be a tricky question to ask your AV provider, but it's one that can have strong dividends. Don't be afraid to look for ways that can improve the level of value you can get for your event. If you don't think something on the bill is worth it, you should be able to inquire further. Maybe you can get the item removed, or perhaps its use can be better explained to you so you can see why it actually is worth its cost. If certain elements of the audiovisual arrangement seem daunting, you and the provider can put your heads together to find more affordable ways of achieving the same result.

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