Step-and-Repeat Banner Rentals in Toronto

Step-and-repeat banner rentals are popular at Toronto events, especially any that aim to achieve red carpet-style glamour and swank. If you have ever watched a red carpet event, then you have likely already seen a step-and-repeat banner even if you didn't know what it was called. These are the wall-sized posters of repeating logos or company names that celebrities are frequently photographed in front of during big extravaganzas or premiers. The purpose of including a step-and-repeat banner rental at these events is fairly straightforward. As stars and guests are photographed or recorded, your logo and brand inevitably appears in the background and helps build up your presence and appeal.

Step and repeat banner

Why Is It Called "Step-and-Repeat"?

The name of the banner stems from the primary way it is used. Celebrities and other guests step up in front of the banner, get their picture taken, and then move on so the process could be repeated with the person behind them.

Uses of a Step-and-Repeat Banner

In addition to building brand recognition, renting a step-and-repeat banner can provide several practical benefits in addition to marketing ones. It is important to carefully manage foot traffic during large events and make sure attendees are not impeded by photographers or stars stopping to take pictures or be photographed. Step-and-repeat banners become designated spots that serve as a hub for the traditional photography procession. In doing so, you can make sure that anyone not participating won't have their way blocked by people who are.

Where Can Step-and-Repeat Banners Be Used?

Step-and-repeat banners are most often associated with red carpet occasions like movie premiers. However, any event that is likely to attract media, celebrity, or photographer attention can make use of these backdrops. This includes charity galas, fund raisers, fashion shows, book premiers or product launches, political events and rallies, or grand openings.

Additionally, step-and-repeat banners have such strong connotations with the red carpet that they can be used by those looking to offer an extra dose of glamour to an occasion. For instance, a wedding couple might rent a step-and-repeat banner to offer guests a glitzy feeling. Alternatively, a company may get a step-and-repeat banner for a holiday party to help deliver a vibe of high-end excitement and entertainment.

Reasons to Rent a Step-and-Repeat Banner

  • Remember that every photo taken in front of a step-and-repeat banner is going to end up getting shared and seen by countless people—especially online. Every one is an extra collection of eyes that will see your logo and get exposed to your brand
  • Step-and-repeat banners are great for catching the eye of passersby. This can let them form effective backdrops in any competitive environment, such as a trade show or convention, plus they add an extra aura of professionalism
  • People have a natural aversion to most forms of aggressive advertising. However, step-and-repeat banners are essentially giant ads that people want to get photographed in front of and show off with. The rarity and advantage of this kind of opportunity can't be underestimated

Step-and-Repeat Banners, Media Walls, and Logo Walls

The terms "step-and-repeat banner," "media wall," and "logo wall" are sometimes used interchangeably but actually refer to specific types of displays. In order to make sure that what you are getting is what you are actually thinking of, it's important to clarify the differences.

Media Walls

  • Literally a wall, often made of wooden frames or boards
  • Can use cloth or vinyl
  • Don't always contain logos or brands, sometimes have full images or the event name
  • More expensive

Logo Walls

  • Use a wooden frame or boards
  • Can use cloth or vinyl
  • Typically a chain of logos on a coloured surface
  • Not usually intended for photography
  • Used for more serious product placement

What to Consider When Renting a Step-and-Repeat Banner


The standard height for a step and repeat banner is 8 feet, with width being more customizable depending on needs and intent. If you want to allow multiple people or large groups to get their shots taken at once, it makes sense to opt for a wider banner. If you need to emphasize portability and space considerations, aim for narrower banners.


When displayed, your logo has to find a balance between being small enough to support a repeating pattern but also large enough that it can appear clearly in a photo. The standard is to have logos that are around nine to eleven inches wide and five to seven inches tall. It's also important to remember that the ink of the logo will be more reflective than the vinyl it is printed on. In order to avoid interfering with the photography, there needs to be plenty of white space between each image.

Vinyl and Printing Quality

Step-and-repeat banners are traditionally made out of vinyl. There is a spectrum of how glossy any given sheet of vinyl can be, and this needs to be taken into account when picking your banner. If the vinyl is too glossy, then it will appear shiny in a photograph and make the image look bad. How matte or glossy a step-and-repeat banner should be will depend on then type of lighting available at the event, so coordination in that regard will be important. You should also ask for samples or a step-and-repeat banner with your logo printed on it so you can evaluate the clarity and quality of the image.

Find Your Step-and-Repeat Backdrop Rentals and More in Toronto

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