Why You Should Rent Audio Visual Equipment for Your Conferences

AV equipment rental

The audio visual needs of a conference are varied and meeting them is essential to pulling off an engaging event that can resonate with audiences. You may require customized audio, visuals, lighting and presentation equipment to deliver your message, whether it be in one or more rooms. In these situations, choosing to rent audio visual (AV) equipment can be a great way to bring everything together in an affordable and smooth manner.

Benefits to Renting Audio Visual Equipment

AV rental lets your conferences and events benefit from extra touches that offer both quality and performance improvements, while ensuring that your audience receives the presented material clearly and effectively. What are the other major benefits of AV equipment rental in Toronto?
When you rent AV equipment, it is the audio visual provider's responsibility to make sure everything comes together. This can include tasks like logistics, organizing rigging and power, making sure videos and presentations are formatted correctly, ensuring the PA system and screen sizes are adequate for the audience size, and otherwise ensuring everything will work in sync. When you rent audio visual equipment, you aren't just getting tools; you're getting the experienced professional technicians who get everything installed, tested, and running live.

The Need for Tech Support

The technicians who support AV rentals are very skilled and knowledgably in their field. Technicians tend to work over a hundred events every year and are quick to respond and react to technical issues, should they arise. Whether this takes the form of practice runs/rehearsals to root out any glitches or utilizing an assortment of backups, these techs are able to service and maintain the rented equipment.

Mastering the Space

Keeping your AV supplier in the loop before you select a venue gives the audio visual specialists the ability to help out with the planning process. Every venue is going to have different room sizes, outlet distribution, window arrangements, rigging grids, light exposure, ceiling heights, and other elements that are taken into account when arranging AV setups. By collaborating early, you can get a more easily tailored arrangement that meets both the conference and the venue's needs.

Your Conference AV Equipment Checklist

To help grease those mental gears, consider this list of possible audiovisual equipment that can be rented for conference events. Think of the kind of experience you want to deliver to the audience and the possible role different pieces of equipment can play in creating it.

Projector Screens

The right projection screen requires understanding the type of projector (front or rear) and screen format. bb Blanc's screens come in numerous makes and coatings in order to ensure consistent, clear, and visible images in conditions ranging from zero ambient light to direct sunlight outdoors. Ask them about wide-screen edge blending technology to create a larger than life projection screen 40’, 60’ or even 100’ wide.

Projectors in HD and SD

Whether you want a high-def or standard-definition projector, there are a multitude of choices to pick from. Picking the right projector for size, brightness, format, resolution, and more has never been easier with today's top-end devices.


For digital delivery, LED and LCD flat screens are the most effective choice. Whether you need a series of 30" displays for a scattered audience or a large 80" display, bb Blanc will quickly provide.

4mm LED Video Walls

bb Blanc’s 4mm LED Video walls are a type of display that integrates multiple 20” x 20” video tiles in order to create images on a truly massive, breathtaking scale. Tiles can be used to create a standard rectangle video wall that is small, moderate, large and gigantic or to create unique shapes for a custom backdrop and look. It can be used to continue content from a main screen or to display additional/different content, all for a seamless video experience.

Staging and Stage Lighting

Staging is an important element that lets you focus audience attention on a sole speaker. By employing a mixture of stage mounts, risers, and podiums, you can emphasize the mood of the event while giving the speaker the platform they need. Stage lighting elements can further this goal (spotlights for instance) or help offer a decorative element.

Room Lighting

A room's lighting arrangement is essential for maintaining a desired atmosphere. Dim illumination gives a subdued, formal air to an event, for instance, while bright and flashy gets people alert and ready to party. Lighting can also be used to help add decorative features or become the centerpiece of a show.

Digital Branding

There are plenty of ways to get your logo visibility during a hosted event. From screens to gobo lighting to being emblazoned on the speaker podium, branding techniques can get you the recognition you deserve.

Video Conferencing Gear

Geographic distance does not need to keep people from participating in your event. With the right combination of cameras, wireless transmission, and audiovisual display, you can bring people together from around the country or even around the world.


The best speakers are still limited by lung capacity so microphones (wired or wireless) are a great and sometimes essential way for ensuring messages get heard clearly and consistently.

PA System/Speakers

If your event is spread across a large venue, it can be tricky to make sure everyone is on task and given the same information. PA and speaker systems let you deliver song, speeches, announcements, and more in a unified and pitch-perfect manner.

Presentation Accessories

Laptops, projectors, clickers, and more are all on hand to help you deliver Power Points, employ visual aids, stream video, or whatever other digital tasks your presentation required. Audience response systems are also available which can be used to poll audiences or ask questions of a large group and get their answers in real time.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Translating is an important service that you will need to provide if any attendees speak different languages or are deaf. Simultaneous interpretation allows for the real-time conversion of information and allows all audience members to follow along at the same pace, so everyone can be equally engaged and participate.

...and more!

Getting Your Audio Visual Rental Services in Toronto

bb Blanc is a full-service live event company based in Toronto. We pride ourselves on "creating event magic" through the use of the latest technology for audio visual display and support. Our top techs have an arsenal of top-of-the-line equipment that can be rented to suit the AV needs of any conference or event. Unsure about what will work best? Tap our brains for the advice you need and let our techs get to work! For more information on bb Blanc and the unique additions we can bring to your corporate gatherings and special occasions, feel free to contact us at 416-360-0440 or at info@bbblanc.com.

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