Professional Sound Systems for Live Events


Sound matters for any event because of how integral it can be to the entire experience. Audio clarity and quality affects everything from how well an audience can dance to a song to how well a speaker can be heard. Audio plays a role in every kind of event, so investing in a good sound system rental in Toronto or your region is essential for delivering truly memorable and engaging experiences.

For most events, your audio needs are going to be encompassed in what's known as a "sound reinforcement system." This is the collective term for the assortment of speakers, digital audio systems, microphones, processors, and other devices that serve to amplify and distribute sound to a live audience. Regardless of the configuration of your sound reinforcement system, here's a primer on the main components and how they fit into the overall audio experience.

The Main Elements of Audio Reinforcement

Audio Mixers

This is a bread-and-butter tool for any sound system. Audio mixers are used to “mix” tracks, either recorded or live, by manipulating volume levels, sending feeds or dynamically adjusting (EQ’ing/tuning the room). Audio mixers come in digital and analog forms. An analog mixer can vary in the number of available inputs and also requires external processing whereas a digital mixer can offer more inputs, on board processing and can save settings for instant recalls.


Few things capture sound better than a microphone, so it's no surprise that they are a staple of sound reinforcement systems. Microphones come in three basic types that affect the direction they pick up sound. Unidirectional microphones are ideal for vocals or small instrumentals, bidirectional mics are great for dialogs between two people, and omnidirectional microphones have a wide range that lets them capture all the audio on a stage for things like choirs or big instrumentals. There are also headset and lapel microphones that leave the hands free and are perfect for performers or anyone that prefers not to hold a microphone.


All the sound quality in the world won't help you if you don't have a way to project it, which is where speaker systems come into play. Speakers come in active ("powered") and passive ("unpowered") forms. Active speakers have built-in amplifiers so there is less setup involved, but passive speakers use amplifiers and can be used in a larger variety of configurations. The exact type of speaker you need for an event will depend on the type of sound, shape and size of the venue, and the size and position of the audience.


An outboard amplifier powers and sends signal to passive speakers – such a line array. This enables sound to be produced and transmitted. Generally speaking, you gain a lot more head more when using amplifiers.


Cables bring the rest of the audio reinforcement system together—literally. They are used to transmit power and sound from microphones to mixers to speakers and to anything else you employ during an event.

Monitor Systems

Standing on stage in the middle of a performance makes things sound very different than when you are out in the audience. Monitors, such as in-ear systems or stage wedges, solve this issue by letting performers hear how each other sounds. This enhances coordination and helps keep everyone on point during the event.

Signal Processors

Any added effects are known as signal processing. This includes effects like delay, reverb, compression, limiting, and graphic or parametric EQ. Signal processors are handy devices for boosting the quality of sound and come in different forms depending on whether you are working with live or pre-recorded audio.

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