Our nine step "Success Cycle" for (Virtual) Events

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Let’s face it virtual events are here to stay. The benefit is they continue to evolve every day.

As with in-person events, the same steps to success continue to ring true. There's no harm in reminders, so we are sharing these steps with you.

Our "Success Cycle" will allow you to create an effective event that will not only engage your attendees, it will bring more value to your organization.


Get everyone on board

Build an agreement among all stakeholders around the need for a virtual event (as opposed to waiting for an in-person event). Create a shared vision for success that everyone understands.

Set your goals

What is the objective of your virtual event? What does success mean to you? Establish clearly defined goals and strategies to get there.  Clearly define what determines optimal value for your organization and attendees.

Set the agenda

All content should be tailored to your target audience. In-person programming may be transferable to online, however it is generally agreed that shorter, condensed presentations work best.

Pick a platform

Finalize your agenda first, then focus on selecting the appropriate platform. There are numerous to choose from. Select the one that meets your established event objectives.


Share the work. Count on every member of the team to contribute to the success of the event. Make sure everyone knows and understands their roles and responsibilities.


Get the word out about your event with a call-to-action, updated collateral, email and social campaigns, hashtags, and recruitment efforts.

Rehearse, Rehearse, Rehearse

Practice makes perfect. Test equipment, transitions, speakers’ connectivity, platform latency, and any critical and redundant systems necessary to broadcast. And then test again (really)!


If you have prepared adequately, you’ll be ready to go and have the ability to adapt on the fly if needed. (And the need will arise. Just like an in-person event!)


Schedule a debrief and review the event based not just on attendee satisfaction, but also on how the team and tech performed in action. Remember and document any lessons learned for your next event and planning session.

We know executing events in a "virtual" world can be daunting. Our nine step "Success Cycle" will ensure you stay on track, improve value, and achieve your event objectives be it in-person, virtual or hybrid.

For more info on how we can help, contact us.

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