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Summer is a time when Toronto begins to play host to a wide number of events, from wedding parties to charity galas to corporate meetings. Putting together an engaging summer event often involves a number of different audiovisual or entertainment elements, all of which can be rented from the right company. bb Blanc offers exclusive party, meeting, and event rentals in Toronto for a wide number of occasions so that you can always be decked out with the best tools and equipment. By letting us work with you, your event can benefit from any combination of the following AV rentals.

Sound System Rentals

Audio Mixers and DJ Equipment

An audio mixer is one of the standard pieces of equipment in a DJ's kit. These devices allow for the manipulation and mixing of live or recorded audio tracks by tweaking volume, timbre, and other audio effects. This lets a user tweak sounds in real time for purposes like enhancing clarity and projection or blending song tracks for smooth transitions. Audio mixers come in analog and digital formats. Analog mixers are more scalable while digital mixers offer better and more dynamic effects processing. If you are in need of a DJ or other audio wizard to use the mixer at your event, we can provide that too!


Speaker systems come in one of two main types: point source or line array. A point source set-up is when a single speaker (which is one of multiple speakers spaced far apart) broadcasts the full sound range. Since the sound radiates outwards in a circle, point source works great for small venues or any situation where the audience would be clustered. Line arrays are when speakers are stacked on top of each other to produce strong projection and range, so they are more adept for larger venues or those with nonstandard architecture. Not only are both types of speaker set-ups available as part of meeting and event rentals, bb Blanc will also work with you to make sure you're getting the system that best meets the needs of your audience and venue.

Band Rider Support

This is not actually a type of audio equipment rental, but it's still worth mentioning. Often, when you engage a band for an event, you will be given what's known as a "rider." This is a list of requests and conditions that need to be met for the band to perform. Riders include various technical and equipment details, such as the type or configuration of audio systems that will need to be available. bb Blanc is experienced with supporting the needs of riders, and will help you meet any audiovisual needs they describe.

Video Equipment Rentals

Screens and Projectors

Whether you want to show a PowerPoint slideshow or a feature-length film, getting the right screen and projector is always important. Screens and projectors often have a "Goldilocks" effect since the size, positioning, and brightness or reflectivity you need depends on the conditions of the venue. For example, the type of projector that works best when placed close or behind a screen for conferences is going to be very different from one that stands on the opposite end of a room, like in a theatre. Screen size and material will also need to be kept in mind to make sure the images appear clear and don't get washed out by any ambient light. bb Blanc can help you understand what the best screen and projector combinations for your event are as you go through the rental process.

LED Walls and Screens

LED panels are handy screens that can be strategically placed for a variety of purposes. For shows or presentations, they can be used by those on stage or can be spread about so the audience always gets a clear view. When stacked together, LED panels can form sweeping wall displays that are able to depict stunning visuals in high-definition detail or be used in novel and creative ways to entertain audiences. Regardless of whether you want LED screens to take centre stage or offer background support, rentals in a number of shapes and sizes are available from bb Blanc.

Staging Rentals for Events and Parties

Up Lighting

Up lighting is when lights are on the ground and angled upwards to cast their glow either up a wall or onto an object. Depending on where and how they are used, up lighting arrangements can accent specific features or decorations, offer atmosphere-building style, or provide washes of colour for added flair. Up lights come in a number of different sizes, so they can be rented for anything including showing off wall decorations and highlighting the centrepiece on a table.

Stage Lighting

Targeted stage lighting comes in various different types. Pin lights can create warm, narrow beams that are able to highlight details while still allowing the dimming of the house lights. Spotlights are also a common and well-known type of stage lighting for their ability to directly highlight speakers, furnishings, or anything else on stage. Another option would be LED up lights, which can be used to form elegant highlighting effects along the perimeter and walls of a stage.

Gobo Lighting

A gobo ("goes before optics") is a type of stencil that you can place over a light source. As the light goes through the gobo, the image of the stencil will be projected onto a given surface. Gobos afford an immense level of creativity and can be custom designed for everything from monograms to corporate logos to much, much more. When combined with coloured and moving lights, the options truly become unlimited.

Party and Event Entertainment Rentals

Photo Booth Rentals

Photo booths are not just for shopping malls any more. A photo booth rental for a party or other event, complete with different backgrounds and props, will let guests let their hair down and go wild with their fun sides. Everyone from children to seniors can have fun with a photo booth and they are a great way to add a touch of novelty to your event as guests get to make their own custom souvenir, leave personalized messages for the hosts, or upload the images straight to social media.

Step-and-Repeat Backdrops

You may have seen the walls plastered with logos in front of which stars are often photographed during red carpet events. These are known as "step and repeat" backdrops and can be rented to add a bit of personal branding to any event. Not only do these backdrops provide a clear direction for anyone interested in taking pictures (or having pictures taken of them), they help make you stand out and can add a bit of advertising power to boot.

Look to bb Blanc for Party, Event, and Meeting Rentals in Toronto

bb Blanc is a full-service, live event company based in Toronto. We pride ourselves on "Creating Event Magic" through the use of the latest technology for audiovisual display and support as well as an arsenal of talented live entertainers. We offer a vast assortment of top-quality, professional-level audiovisual equipment for rent that can be used to enhance all types of events. Unsure on what you need? Tap our brains for advice, and our consultants will bring their expertise to bear as they work with you to devise the best rental options and plans. For more information on bb Blanc and the unique additions we can bring to your weddings, corporate gatherings, or other occasions, feel free to contact us by phone at 416-360-0440 or by email at

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