How to Incorporate Audiovisual (AV) Equipment When Producing Your Next Trade Show

Are you planning or managing a trade show? Are you wondering how to make an impact and stand out from your competitors? If so, you will need to rent AV equipment. Stages, audio systems, lighting and technology such as LED video walls, large-format HD displays, projection or even TV monitors can be incorporated into the trade show floor. Live demonstrations by industry experts or simply some live entertainment will entertain attendees and draw in more visitors, keeping your exhibitors happy! The task can be tricky to manage on your own, so here are some ways that professional audiovisual companies in Toronto can help improve the experience at your next trade show.

Trade Show Audiovisuals

Audiovisuals can attract a crowd and distinguish your brand from others. To achieve this, you have to make sure that your presentation display stands out, and this can be achieved through the use of audiovisuals. These tools don’t have to break the bank either; you can rent the tools for your event at an affordable price. The reason why this technology is so important today is that people are beginning to understand the value of creative design, engaging content, and pinpoint precision. They are beginning to expect and demand more to keep their attention and convince them that your products are worth investing in. Instead of worrying about all the right things you need to say, or fiddling with giant cardboard presentations, take your presentation online and explore the techniques that will amaze your prospective customers.

Why Should You Use AV Equipment at Your Trade Show?

Whether it’s a show open to consumers, or for industry/trade members only, if you want to impress your exhibitors, attendees and potential clients, audiovisual production can help you make a lasting impact, create a unique experience or simply present your message clearly and concisely. Engage visitors by delivering a truly powerful presentation that they will remember long afterwards. AV equipment has the ability to creatively project ideas, messages, advertisements, facts, and brand values. You can keep up with trends and bring exciting technology to your customers while also staying a step ahead of your competitors.

Make Areas on the Show Floor Interactive

Give attendees a reason to stick around longer by creating interactive areas on the show floor for them to visit. For example, you can use large iPad screens so visitors can scroll through information or games related to your company and products/services. They can take surveys or review the products you are showcasing. It is also a great way to get them to visit your web site and learn more about your organization.

Show More, Tell Less

Images tend to make a better impact on our minds than words alone, and that’s why you should incorporate visual displays into your trade show. HD projectors and LED monitors can help you showcase instructional videos on your products or walkthroughs to grab the attention of visitors and keep them interested. High-quality video equipment should be a staple of your trade show—you need to make a big impression as soon as possible because visitors will want to check out all the booths during the show. You want to make sure they spend most of their time with you.

Play Music

Music can transform people’s mood, so choose a playlist of upbeat tunes so the environment around is uplifting and fun. This is also a great way to show off your organizations personality and convey your business’ values. Carefully select songs that reflect the values and personality of your brand, and play away.

Get Trade Show AV Rentals in Toronto

At bb Blanc, we understand that you may need assistance to set up and take down the trade show AV rentals we provide you with. We can make changes to suit your needs and provide expert opinions and ideas to make sure you are getting the most out of your rentals. Each event has its own challenges, and that’s why our GTA clients come to us. They trust us to adapt to their event and provide the service, technology, and information they need to share their message and achieve their goals. We are a full-service live event production company that prides itself on "Creating Event Magic" through the use of the latest technology, and we provide corporate audiovisual in Toronto. We offer a multitude of features that can be incorporated into any event so that guests will be engaged and amazed and leave with lasting memories. Unsure of what you want? You can rely on our consultants’ expertise as they work with you to devise and orchestrate your event. For more information on bb Blanc and the unique additions we can bring to your award ceremonies, corporate gatherings, or live events, feel free to contact us by phone at 416-360-0440 or by e-mail at

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