How to Hire Corporate Event Entertainment in Toronto

Corporate Event Entertainment in Toronto

Corporate event planning can be a challenge, especially when organizing an event your guests will truly enjoy, but since corporate event entertainers can be expensive, many businesses are discouraged from considering them as an option. There are many benefits to hiring corporate event entertainment in Toronto, Canada, and with the right company you can stay within your budget, set up a terrific event for your guests, and leave them with memories they will never forget.

10 Tips for Hiring Corporate Event Entertainment

Planning the perfect event depends heavily on the entertainment you choose. Any business would want a professional, capable, and versatile team that can create an enjoyable event for all types of audiences. Instead of organizing the same type of event as you’ve done in the past, here are some important tips to consider to make this year’s event more memorable than the last. These tips are also great for businesses planning their first corporate event!

Plan Your Corporate Event

An important step before hiring entertainment for your corporate event is to visualize how you would like your function to go. If you already know the exact kind of entertainment you would like to have, you can begin to make a time table of events, consider how you would like the room or venue to be set up, the type of performer you would like, and set your budget.

Set Your Budget

Knowing how much you are willing to spend before approaching entertainers is important to making sure you are stress-free during the planning stages. Your budget will also determine the level of entertainment available to you. Most event companies are able to work within your budget or offer set packages that can match it. Keep in mind that simply choosing the minimum package can be detrimental to your event. Have a clear outline of your expectations and vision for the event and be sure to do your research in finding a company that can provide that to you, or as close as possible. Don’t compromise a great event on poorly designed yet affordable offers.

Start Looking for Entertainment Options ASAP

If your event requires catering, musical entertainment, or a specific location, you will want to look for entertainment options as soon as possible to make sure the services are available on your proposed event date. The success of your event lies on the quality of entertainment, so be sure to book ahead of time to secure your entertainment.

Discuss Your Event and Your Budget

A good event company will ask you questions, such as what type of event you are planning, how many guests are expected to attend, what the theme of the event is, and the general time frame. Successful event companies may also offer ideas that will take your event to the next level! If you and the entertainment company see eye to eye, you can begin moving forward to planning the actual event. If not, you can save yourself valuable time and try a different company.

Discuss Set-Up Requirements

Do you have a room prepared for the entertainment or are you looking to rent a venue? Discuss what your entertainment group would require of you if they are coming to your building or event location. If you have a stage, find out how much space they would need and how they plan to set up their equipment so that everyone in the room can see and enjoy. Especially when it comes to live entertainment, you’ll want to provide your guests a great show!

Guest Interaction

Are you planning an event where the guests can engage with the entertainment? Or do you want the entertainment to be in the background? Knowing the level of guest-to-entertainment interaction will be a good point to bring up with your entertainment group so they know what to inform their performers.

Ask for Testimonials

Most entertainment groups will be happy to provide you with customer testimonials or references to give you a good idea of their client relationships. A successful and honest company will have a lot of great reviews, which will give you the confidence you need to book your event with them. You can also take the search into your own hands and look for online reviews via Google. Read through the reviews of prospective companies to get an idea of their level of experience.

Call References and Review the Promotional Material

After doing your background research on the event company, be sure to give any references a call and get any concerns addressed or questions answered. It is important to make sure the event company knows your needs and expectations, especially in terms of audience. You would not want to hire a comedian who normally performs adult-oriented shows at your middle school child’s birthday party, for example. This is also a good time to ask about promotional material for the entertainment.

Promote Your Entertainment

A great way to get your guests excited about your event is to share promotion material with them. Your entertainer may have articles, pamphlets, press releases, or photos available for you to distribute to your guests. Big corporate events often have greeters who distribute handouts to arriving guests to give them material about what they can expect while they wait for the festivities to begin.

Communicate with your Corporate Event Entertainer

The role of your entertainment group is to enhance your event, and it is imperative to keep them informed of any changes ahead of time, especially if they are preparing customized material for you. Professional entertainers may also want to be at the location ahead of time to set up and perform light and sound checks.

Booking Corporate Entertainment in Toronto

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