How to Achieve the Perfect Ambiance at Your Event

Creating the right atmosphere at events is an important aspect of event planning and coordination. The ambiance or atmosphere of the venue can accentuate qualities of your brand, get guests pumped and excited about the presentations, and can ensure employees and attendees have a great time. Using unique entertainment options, you can achieve the perfect atmosphere for the theme of your event. Whether you are planning a relaxing evening event, or an upbeat soiree, here are some creative and unique entertainment ideas for events that will help you achieve the perfect ambiance.


entertainment ideas for events

The Importance of Having the Right Ambience at Your Event Venue

Getting the mood right at your venue can drive profits by encouraging repeat visitors and bringing in new ones through good reviews. According to research, 91% of casual dining restaurant patrons say a pleasant atmosphere influences their decision to visit a certain venue. The venue should be welcoming and comfortable for them to have a good time, even at quick service locations or fast food joints. And this applies to all types of venues. Whether your event is at a bar, lounge, hotel lobby, casino, restaurant, or resort, you can create an event that leaves guests wanting more, and walking away with a positive experience just by having he right atmosphere.

Unique Ways of Creating the Perfect Atmosphere at Your Event

Create Ambiance with Music

Music makes all the difference at events. A vibrant music venue, bar, or lounge can be a place that locals come to weekly for live music and entertainment. Research has shown that people enjoy themselves more when they attend an event with good music. Music can make people feel on top of the world—it can encourage them to hit the dance floor and have a good time, draw people together to uplift them emotionally, and promote a better experience overall.

Experienced and Entertaining MC

A successful event also comes down to the right presenter. If you plan to hire a Master of Ceremonies (MC) to guide guests through the schedule of the day or night, be sure to choose someone with experience, who can impress the crowd, and keep their attention.


Entertainment is another important part to consider when you are planning an event. DJs can arrange the perfect custom playlist in any genre of musical tastes to suit your event. They will know who to spur on the crowd, enhance the timing of important announcements or activities, and keep guests happy and enjoying themselves. You can also opt for dancers, aerialists, or a live band—each performer can bring a creative flare to your event and help set the tone for guests.

“atmosphere” 4K Ultra High Definition

A great alternative for a live band or other entertainment options is “atmosphere”. This 4K ultra high-definition solution for events can help you create a unique ambiance using an awe-inspiring library of industry-grade live music films, mood films, ambient films, or custom content. The platform is unique to bb Blanc, as we have exclusive rights to use and install the application in Canada. All it takes is our team to set up the system for you and show you how it works! No technician is required! This customized entertainment solution gives you full control over your event, without stress, providing you with an intuitive and user-friendly interface to help you execute the perfect event.

Choose bb Blanc for Corporate Entertainment Solutions

Organizing a successful and entertaining corporate event takes commitment, planning, precision, and attention to detail. If you want to create a corporate event that blows away your guests, give the experts at bb Blanc a call. Our full-service, live event company is based in Toronto, and we pride ourselves on "Creating Event Magic" using the latest technology for audiovisual display and support, including “atmosphere”. We offer a multitude of services and features that can be incorporated into any event, so guests walk away with lasting memories. Contact us for advice and our consultants will bring their expertise as they work with you to devise and orchestrate your event. For more information on bb Blanc and the unique additions we can bring to your award ceremonies, corporate parties, or live events, contact us by phone at (416) 360-0440 or by e-mail at

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