Honda of Canada Manufacturing Holiday Party Case Study

Honda of Canada Manufacturing Holiday Party Case Study


EVENT NAME: Honda of Canada Manufacturing 2023 Holiday Party
VENUE: International Centre
DATE: November 25th, 2023 (11/25/2023)

bb Blanc's production for the Honda of Canada Manufacturing 2023 Holiday Party was a spectacular showcase of creativity, technology, and entertainment, setting a new standard for corporate holiday celebrations. The event, held at the International Centre, aimed to celebrate the achievements of Honda's associates while providing an unforgettable evening of festivities.

The diverse lineup of performances catered to a wide range of tastes and interests, captivating the audience throughout the night. Aerial and circus acts brought a sense of wonder and excitement, while an Indigenous dancing group added a rich cultural dimension, sharing their heritage and storytelling through powerful dance and music. The bb Collective band and DJ kept the energy high, ensuring the dance floor was packed with their versatile repertoire spanning across genres and eras.

bb Blanc's meticulous planning and execution exemplified their commitment to excellence in event production. Through innovative stage design and a carefully curated selection of entertainment acts, they created an immersive experience that celebrated the holiday spirit in style, leaving guests eagerly anticipating next year's celebration.


Honda of Canada Manufacturing sought to create a stimulating yet elegant event for their associates to celebrate the past year's success. The client desired an event that would not only entertain and engage the crowd but also match and symbolize the size and strength of Honda as a company. The event needed to seamlessly transition from a corporate gala atmosphere to a dynamic concert-like experience, ensuring that all attendees felt included and appreciated throughout the evening.


To meet the client's objectives, bb Blanc developed a versatile stage set and event design that effortlessly transitioned from corporate elegance to a high-energy concert atmosphere. Every element, from the lighting design to the audio setup and stage layout, was meticulously planned to contribute to the overall ambiance and align with the client's goals.

The innovative stage design, which incorporated advanced lighting and visual effects, served as the centerpiece of the event. Utilizing cutting-edge technology such as Disguise D3 servers and Grand MA3, bb Blanc created immersive environments that captivated the audience and enhanced the performances. The custom content created for the LED panels, projection surfaces, and LED tubes ensured a seamless and visually stunning display across different pixel pitches.

Throughout the planning process, bb Blanc maintained open communication with the client, regularly seeking feedback and adjusting their approach to align with Honda's vision. The bb Blanc team also coordinated between all relevant parties, which included the client, venue, in-house services, catering, security, and live entertainment. This comprehensive approach ensured a smooth and well-orchestrated event, with all aspects working harmoniously to deliver an exceptional experience for attendees.

The final execution not only met but exceeded the client's expectations, delivering a memorable and impactful experience for all attendees. The seamless integration of cutting-edge technology, innovative stage design, carefully curated live entertainment, and expertly coordinated event logistics showcased bb Blanc's expertise in delivering high-caliber corporate events. By pushing the boundaries of creativity and leveraging their extensive experience in Audio Visual Event Production, bb Blanc created an unforgettable celebration that left a lasting impression on Honda's associates.


1. Innovative Stage Design:

1. Advanced lighting and visual effects

2. Cutting-edge rigging, video, and lighting technology

3. Customized LED panel, projection surface, and LED tube content

4. Seamless display across different pixel pitches

2. Technological Integration:
1. Implementation of Disguise D3 servers and Grand MA3 for immersive environments

2. Disguise Vx2 media servers for pixel mapping and content delivery

3. Adaptable control systems for smooth transitions between corporate, theater, and concert-style segments

4. Integration of LED tubes with LED panels for seamless content movement

5. Custom content creation for a large canvas space (14,952 pixels by 2,976 pixels)

6. 3D configuration of displays for pixel-perfect relation to real-world positions

7. Multiple mapping configurations for flexible control over surfaces and fixtures

3. Robust Contingency Planning:
1. Battery backups for control-related equipment

2. Redundant control lines and strategic power distribution

3. On-site technical support for immediate troubleshooting

4. Comprehensive Technical Assistance:
1. Dedicated team of project managers and technical personnel

2. Proactive measures, including thorough equipment testing and rehearsals

3. Swift resolution of technical issues and on-the-spot decision-making

5. Seamless Audiovisual Integration:
1. Harmonious coordination of sound, lighting, and stage setup

2. Synchronization of lighting cues and video transitions

3. Optimization of acoustics and visual elements

4. Integration of multiple performances with advanced video, audio, and lighting elements

6. Complex Problem-Solving:

1. Projection mapping and content delivery across multiple surfaces

2. Adaptation of set design to accommodate weight limitations (e.g., using projection surfaces instead of heavy LED panels)

3. Utilization of co-converged Barco UDM 4k-30 projectors to match LED panel brightness

4. Structural support for heavy LED video panels and lighting load

a. Innovative truss support system to manage excessive weight load

b. Addition of 10 truss support columns (28' high, each supporting 5,790 lbs) in the upstage portion of the set

c. Web of bracing between support columns for added structural rigidity

7. Advanced Control Systems:
1. Pre-programmed elements to timecode for seamless, worry-free operation during corporate and theatrical segments

2. Transition of control to lighting for the concert portion, driving both video and lighting elements from the Grand MA3 console

3. Use of SACN stream and Disguise's DMX input/output over network for lighting control over the media server

Frequently Asked Questions

What set the Honda of Canada Manufacturing 2023 Holiday Party apart from other corporate events?
bb Blanc's innovative stage design, integration of cutting-edge technology, and captivating performances made the Honda of Canada Manufacturing 2023 Holiday Party a truly unique and memorable experience for all attendees.
How did bb Blanc create a visually stunning experience at the Honda of Canada Manufacturing 2023 Holiday Party?
By leveraging advanced technology like Disguise D3 servers and Grand MA3, bb Blanc created custom content for LED panels, projection surfaces, and LED tubes, resulting in a seamless and immersive visual display that wowed attendees.
What challenges did bb Blanc overcome to execute the Honda of Canada Manufacturing 2023 Holiday Party?

bb Blanc successfully addressed the challenge of supporting heavy LED video panels and lighting loads by implementing an innovative truss support system and adapting the set design to accommodate weight limitations.

How did bb Blanc ensure smooth transitions between different segments at the Honda of Canada Manufacturing 2023 Holiday Party?

Using advanced control systems, bb Blanc pre-programmed elements to timecode for seamless transitions between corporate, theater, and concert-style segments, guaranteeing a worry-free experience for attendees.

What steps did bb Blanc take to ensure a flawless event for Honda of Canada Manufacturing?

bb Blanc's proactive approach, including robust contingency planning, comprehensive technical assistance, and thorough equipment testing and rehearsals, ensured the Honda of Canada Manufacturing 2023 Holiday Party ran smoothly and without technical issues.

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