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Getting the Most with Event Production Companies in Toronto

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  • August 17, 2016
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Putting together any kind of high-profile event production in Toronto can be quite an undertaking. Countless elements—like entertainers, lighting, audio, video, and more—all need to be coordinated, planned, secured, and implemented. In order to create truly dazzling, memorable occasions, it can be extremely helpful to engage the services of an event production company.

Event producers offer you a diverse team of professionals who are skilled many different elements of executing an event. Whether you are looking for audio mixers, planners, lighting coordinators, technical staff, entertainers, or all of the above, Toronto's event production companies can provide. The best event companies will listen to your needs and desires for an event, learn about the kind of experience you want to deliver, and will work with you to bring your vision to life. The definition of "possible" should always be stretched in order to craft a unique, tailored experience.

What Event Producers Can Bring to High Profile Events


Video technology has a plethora of different uses during an event. You can display slides for presentations, give clear images of singers at concerts, record festivities for posterity, and much more. Whether you want screens used decoratively with high-quality scenery, to be a supporting tool during a presentation, to help audiences get clear sight and join in, or to take centre stage itself, video technology lets you bring people together while also expanding who can join in.


Audio reinforcement is the cornerstone of many successful events. Crafting sound so it has the right range, pitch, and volume to be heard in a given venue is an art unto itself, and you will be amazed at the difference quality audio can make. Sound systems, speaker setups, microphone styles and placements, and more can all go in to making a fantastic audio setup depending on the needs of your event. Whether you are looking to get people dancing, engage an audience with your speech, or simply trying to make sure folks get heard, audio technicians and consultants will help you find the perfect sound.


The effective use of lighting has a strong role in delivering the atmosphere and capturing the essential nature of an event. Mood lighting at a formal dinner, spotlights for presenters, targeted pin lighting to add to the decor, and more can easily help deliver a fuller and more rounded experience. Novel lighting elements, such as gobos, are also extremely popular for their ability to project images and patterns onto a given surface. This makes them excellent for couples who want to monogram the walls of their wedding, companies who'd like some logos on display, or anyone who would like to see an extra dose of style and sparkle.

Live Entertainment

Event production companies have entire rosters that are brimming with entertainers looking to enhance your event. Talented music stylists can pump up the volume with a DJ playlist, live musicians can provide atmospheric sound or song numbers, illusionists will wow your guests and boggle their minds, dancers can hit the floor in any number of different styles, and so much more can be made available. Aside from live acts, there is also the possibility of engaging what is known as an "entertaining MC." These charming fellows will be your special quarterback for the event and help coordinate and communicate with the different elements and staff at play. With a mic in hand, these EMCs will manage the pacing of your event and keep audiences entertained as they introduce each step of the evening.

Cutting-Edge Technology

New developments in audio visual technology happen constantly, and event production companies always strive to stay ahead of the pack. Whether you want the latest in pitch-perfect audio support, the multiscreen high definition “atmosphere” screen system, or the latest style in lighting design, event producers make every effort to ensure the latest and greatest is on-hand and ready.


Perhaps the biggest and best way that event production companies can make your high-profile event into a truly memorable engagement is with the sheer energy and creativity they can bring to the table. You might be using a venue with a unique structure that complicates how sound travels. You may have your heart set on a powerful theme that needs complex lighting and visual coordination. You could even have very specific budget constraints. Event producers love opportunities like this since it lets them put their heads together with yours and devise truly innovative and creative ways of "creating event magic." Never be afraid to think big and bold.

Event Production Companies Can Work with Any Kind of High-Profile Event

Product Launches

A product launch is a huge event for any company. Months or years of dedicated work have been spent and the fruits can be finally offered to the anticipating public. Launch parties are times of excitement, festivity, and magical flair as employees watch the results of their labours and the public gets to celebrate the arrival of a new device, game, book, or other product. Event producers can bring to bear a large number of audiovisual effects to capture the spirit of the moment and engage audiences, all backed by the central message of your product.

Awards and Galas

Award ceremonies or gala events are an interesting balance between formal gatherings and relaxed celebrations. As both an official function and a celebration of achievement, lighting and set design can go a long way towards cultivating the right mood. Live entertainment never hurts these matters either, and entertainers can also help manage the flow and pacing of the event.

Trade Shows

A trade show is a unique type of high-profile event because audiences are much more fluid than at other occasions. Whether your company is putting on a presentation on the big stage or is hosting a booth in the corner of the room, effective lighting and visual design can turn heads and make people stop what they're doing to watch and listen. Trade shows are also a great way to really flex those creative muscles and design unique presentations that people will be talking about well after the main event.

Look to bb Blanc for a Live Event Production Company in Toronto

bb Blanc is a full-service, live event company based in Toronto. We pride ourselves on "Creating Event Magic" through the use of the latest technology for audiovisual display and support as well as an arsenal of talented live entertainers. We offer an amazing multitude of features that can be incorporated into any event so that guests will be engaged, amazed, and come away with lasting memories. Unsure on what you want? Tap our brains for advice and our consultants will bring their expertise to bear as they work with you to devise and orchestrate your event. For more information on bb Blanc and the unique additions we can bring to your weddings, corporate gatherings, or other occasions, feel free to contact us by phone at 416-360-0440 or by email at

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