How to Enhance Your Tradeshow Booth with AV

There's nothing more discouraging at a tradeshow than to see crowds continue to walk past your booth without giving you a glance. You may have experienced this in the past, despite your hard efforts to create an eye-catching display. But spice things up with a little bit of technology, and you will never have to experience this again. If you want to set up a tradeshow booth so extravagant and interactive that you stand out amongst everyone else in the room, don't settle for a simple setup. With some technology and a little help from the experts, you can create a booth that is enhanced, eye-catching, and holds the attention of your audience. Here are some helpful ways you can enhance your tradeshow booth using audiovisual technology.

Ways to Enhance a Tradeshow Booth with Audiovisual Technology

Audiovisual equipment is not simply a microphone and a screen. Advancements in technology and innovation have led to a variety of different tools that can enhance your tradeshow booth. Companies of all sizes are incorporating more technology-enhanced displays as these features have become more affordable and easier to set up. Incorporating any of these into your display will help draw attendees to you, and hold their attention so you can share information about your brand, products, and services.

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Enhanced LED Video Walls/Digital Signage

LED panels in your booth have the specific advantage of being eye-catching and highly visible from a distance. The brightness and colours can also portray images, logos, and animations dramatic enough to lure guests to your booth so they can learn more about your brand.

Personalized Interactive Displays

Creating a customer experience for your visitors is an important factor in your success. Many companies will deploy interactive kiosks, virtual reality, social media, and mobile connectivity to create such an experience. Interactive displays can help your attendees connect with your brand and leave them with a connection that enhances their experience with your booth. Attendees like to feel involved and would rather manipulate a touchscreen than stand and watch while someone talks to them. By allowing them to interact, you can give potential customers the information they need in a minimum amount of time, and convince them that their time was not wasted because they were able to participate.

Tablet Kiosks

An essential aspect of any tradeshow nowadays is a tablet kiosk. In recent years, they have become one of the most used tools for tradeshows. They have multiple uses and can be incorporated into many creative ideas. For example, it's an easy way to fill out customer information, help them sign up for products or offers, or even pull up a demo video if your product is too large to set up at your booth. You can also provide sales materials to show prospects, and you can easily share your information via e-mail.

Incorporate Motion

If you have to work with nothing more than a simple tabletop display, you can still attract visitors by using motion. This is a proven attention-grabber, so make sure you get your hands on LED signage and a few flat screen stands. You can create marquees that program a message to blink, flash, or crawl across the screen, which will catch the eye of attendees and get your message read. You can also do this with a simple laptop computer and a PowerPoint presentation. By incorporating motion and movement into your display, you can set up an interesting booth that will capture attention and attract as many visitors as you can.

Social Media Screen

Social media screens can also encourage people to interact with your brand. If you have a social media contest, for example, you can show the names or user accounts of those who have participated in the contest and encourage more to take part. These generate conversation, engage attendees, and make the booth more exciting.

Projection Mapping

If you want to take your interactive display to the next level, consider using projection mapping. These displays use everyday video projectors, but the light is mapped onto any surface using regular objects to create a 3D interactive design. This also works great as an alternative to a projector screen. Projection mapping can display beautiful images and videos on to any surface, even your booth. It can be used in lieu of a regular white projection screen, and portray a display so dramatic that attendees will be drawn to your booth. If you have performers, speakers, or even general sessions at your booth, 3D projection mapping can help you portray the visuals you want to share without the need of an actual physical screen.

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