Case Study: Choice Hotels Biennial Conference for Canada


Choice Hotels Canada held its 2018 Fall Conference at Fallsview Casino Resort in Niagara Falls. The three-day event brought together approximately 400 attendees celebrating their 25th anniversary.  The theme was "No Limits" and it's what inspired the stage design and is carried through all elements of the conference.

The Goal

To deliver a higher quality, elevated event beyond that of previous years.  Also to captivate the crowd to deliver their message with as much clarity and power as possible.

The Challenge

Translating the clients vision from a content perspective and delivering that very same vision.  Visuals were a huge part in the event in conveying the major messaging to the audience. But ultimately understanding what message the client wanted to say to the audience and how, was the main objective.

The Solution

Presentation management was a huge factor in delivering each speaker's message clearly.  This meant working with each presenter on their slide decks and optimizing them for the wide screen video solution.  Every deck for the presenters was custom made for the widescreen so it was far more captivating than the usual 16x9.

The Outcome

"Thanks for making the presentations on main stage go smoothly and look awesome with the perfect selections of music, lights and graphics."



Fallsview Casino Choice 1.1

Final Product:





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