Canadian Meetings & Events Expo (CMEE) Case Study

Canadian Meetings & Events Expo (CMEE) Case Study


EVENT NAME: 2023 Canadian Meetings + Events Expo (CMEE)
VENUE: Metro Toronto Convention Centre
DATE: August 15 + 16, 2023
# of ATTENDEES: 3600+

The 2023 Canadian Meetings + Events Expo (CMEE) held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, ON, showcased bb Blanc's exceptional production capabilities, setting a new standard for stage design and technical innovation within the trade show industry. As the premier gathering for Canadian meeting and event planners, CMEE provides a platform for professionals to connect, learn about the latest industry trends, and discover cutting-edge solutions from a diverse range of suppliers.

bb Blanc played a crucial role in elevating the attendee experience at CMEE 2023 through their creative stage design, seamless audiovisual integration, and comprehensive technical support. By transforming the main stage area into "The bb Blanc Theatre," they created an immersive environment that captivated audiences and demonstrated their expertise in crafting memorable and impactful events.


The CMEE team sought a reliable and experienced audiovisual production partner who could not only bring their vision to life but also introduce innovative ideas to differentiate their event from others in the industry. Their primary objectives included:

1. Creating a visually stunning main stage that would inspire and engage attendees.
2. Providing seamless technical support for presentations, keynote speakers, and educational sessions.
3. Ensuring smooth audiovisual integration throughout the event space, including the trade show floor and breakout rooms.
4. Offering creative solutions to enhance the overall attendee experience and reinforce the event's brand identity


bb Blanc collaborated closely with the CMEE team to understand their goals and develop a customized production plan that would exceed expectations. The planning process involved:

1. Conceptualizing and designing a unique stage setup that would serve as the focal point of the event.
2. Selecting the appropriate audiovisual equipment and technology to support the various programming elements.
3. Developing contingency plans to ensure uninterrupted technical operations throughout the event.
4. Coordinating with the venue and other vendors to ensure seamless integration of all production elements.

On-site, bb Blanc's team of skilled technicians and project managers worked diligently to execute the production plan, paying meticulous attention to every detail. Their innovative stage design, featuring a curved LED wall, Astera LED tube frames, and suspended LED squares, created a visually stunning environment that captivated attendees and elevated the overall experience.

Throughout the event, bb Blanc provided exceptional technical support, ensuring that all presentations, keynote speeches, and educational sessions ran smoothly. Their expertise in audiovisual integration allowed for seamless content delivery across multiple screens and platforms, enhancing audience engagement and retention.


1. Innovative Stage Design:

1. Curved LED Wall as the Main Backdrop:
2. Implemented a visually stunning curved LED wall as the main backdrop, creating an immersive environment that captivated attendees.
3. Utilized the curved shape to break the monotony of a flat screen, adding visual interest and depth to the stage design.

a. Astera LED Tube Frames for Depth and Dimension:
1. Incorporated Astera LED tube frames around the edges of the LED wall to add depth and dimension to the stage.
2. Created a layered effect by combining the solid LED wall with the ethereal tube frames, enhancing the visual appeal and providing opportunities for creative lighting effects.

b. Suspended Angled LED Squares for Immersion and Audience Engagement:

1. Suspended angled LED squares above the stage to provide additional visual interest, serve as a display surface for IMAG content, and engage the audience from above.
2. Utilized the often underutilized vertical space to add another dimension to the stage design, creating an immersive experience for the audience.
3. Enhanced overall audience engagement by enveloping attendees in visuals from all angles, ensuring that audience members throughout the venue had a clear view of the visuals and felt more connected to the event.

c. Multi-functional LED Squares:

1. Designed the suspended LED squares to serve as both a visually captivating element and a display surface for IMAG (Image Magnification) content.
2. Maximized the utility of the setup by allowing seamless integration of visual content into the stage design, enhancing communication and entertainment value.

2. Seamless Audiovisual Integration:
1. Pixel mapping of Astera LED tubes to integrate seamlessly with video content displayed on the main LED wall and suspended LED squares.
2. Utilization of a Disguise VX2 media server for content playback and pixel mapping, ensuring synchronization between all visual elements.
3. Deployment of a Barco E2 Event Master Processor for seamless switching and scaling of video content across multiple displays.

3. Robust Contingency Planning:
1. Implementation of battery backup systems for all critical control equipment, including lighting consoles, audio mixers, and media servers.
2. Redundant signal paths and power distribution to minimize the risk of technical failures.
3. On-site spare equipment and trained technicians ready to troubleshoot and resolve any issues promptly.

4. Comprehensive Technical Assistance:
1. Dedicated team of experienced project managers overseeing all aspects of the production, from planning to execution.
2. Skilled technicians specializing in audio, video, lighting, and rigging, ensuring the highest quality of technical delivery.
3. Close collaboration with the CMEE team, venue staff, and other vendors to coordinate all technical requirements and logistics.

5. Complex Problem-Solving:

a. Integrating Astera LED Tube Frames with LED Wall:

1. Identified the challenge of seamlessly integrating Astera LED tube frames with the curved LED wall, as the overlapping nature of the elements posed significant logistical complexities.
2. Developed a creative solution that involved disassembling the LED tube frames, threading them through the rigging structure, and reassembling them on the other side of the LED wall.
3. Executed the solution with precision, meticulously measuring and mapping out the dimensions of the LED wall and tube frames to ensure a perfect fit and avoid interference with rigging motors.
4. Conducted iterative testing and adjustments to fine-tune the setup, accommodate venue variations, and address unforeseen challenges, ensuring a seamless installation on the day of the event.

6. Advanced Control Systems:

a. Audio Control with Digico S31 Console:

1. Utilized the Digico S31 console as the central hub for audio control, empowering engineers to manage sound reinforcement for the event with precision.
2. Optimized audio levels, EQ settings, and effects through the S31 to ensure optimal sound quality for performers and audiences within the immersive set environment.

b. Amplification Control using D&B R1:

1. Integrated the D&B R1 control system seamlessly with the audio setup, providing advanced control over amplifier configurations and signal processing.
2. Optimized amplifier settings and system parameters through the R1 to ensure consistent and reliable audio delivery, enhancing the overall auditory experience.

c. Lighting Control with Grand MA 2 Console:

1. Employed the Grand MA 2 lighting console to take charge of the intricate lighting design, controlling intelligent fixtures, LED panels, and conventional lighting instruments.
2. Created captivating visual effects through the Grand MA 2, complementing the set design and immersing the audience in a dynamic interplay of light and color.

d. Graphics Playback and LED Tube Mapping using Disguise VX2:

1. Leveraged Disguise VX2 as the backbone for graphics playback and LED tube mapping, enabling seamless integration of video content onto the set elements.
2. Utilized Disguise VX2's powerful rendering engine and mapping capabilities to create immersive visual experiences that interacted seamlessly with the LED panels and tube frames.

e. Image Processing with Barco E2:

1. Ensured pixel-perfect image quality and precise control over video playback using the Barco E2 image processing system.
2. Managed multiple video sources and switched between content feeds through the E2, enhancing the visual presentation and creating a cohesive and immersive experience for attendees

Frequently Asked Questions

What audio visual solutions did bb Blanc provide for CMEE 2023?
bb Blanc provided innovative stage design, seamless AV integration, and technical support for CMEE 2023, featuring a curved LED wall, Astera LED tube frames, and suspended LED squares.
How can bb Blanc's audio visual expertise enhance trade shows and events?
bb Blanc's AV expertise elevates trade shows and events with visually stunning environments, immersive experiences, and seamless technical support for presentations and keynotes.
What sets bb Blanc apart in audio visual production for trade shows and events?
bb Blanc excels in creative stage designs, advanced control systems, and integrating cutting-edge AV technologies seamlessly, while providing comprehensive technical assistance and problem-solving.
How does bb Blanc ensure reliable AV performance during trade shows and events?

bb Blanc ensures reliable AV performance through robust contingency planning, battery backups, redundant signal paths, power distribution, and on-site spare equipment and skilled technicians.

How can bb Blanc's audio visual solutions create a memorable trade show or event experience?
bb Blanc's AV solutions deliver visually stunning stage designs, immersive environments, and seamless technical integration. Our expert team crafts tailored solutions to engage attendees and leave a lasting impression, handling projects of any scale or complexity for flawless execution and exceptional results.

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