Boost Audience Engagement at Your Next Event with Audiovisual Technology

You’ve just spent months planning a conference for your company—you booked the perfect venue, invited all the necessary guests, and set up the event space—yet on the day of the event, you’re treated to blank stares and a lack of enthusiasm from your attendees. You worked hard thinking about how to present your message, yet your guests didn’t seem engaged with your presentation. Sound familiar? Audience engagement is vital to a successful event, and while you may be able to tackle the majority of planning, you may need extra help to stand out. Working with a company that offers audiovisual services in Toronto can help you excite your audience and maintain their attention throughout your entire program. Keep reading to find out how renting audiovisual services can help you boost audience engagement and make your event the talk of the town.

Why Is Audience Engagement Important?

It takes careful planning and thought to engage audiences during corporate events. Many times, these events can seem very repetitive and drawn out for guests, especially if they go to the same type of conferences year after year. To stand out, you’ll have to do something different from your competitors. Don’t rely on PowerPoint presentations and dad jokes—they won’t excel. Create and execute an event that is delightful, surprising, and completely engaging, so your guests will want to tell everyone they know.

Audience engagement is important because it encourages learning and boosts their ability to retain information instead of passively listening. Guests can learn and meet each other, instead of simply sitting next to strangers during the program. Including your participants in your program with activities and entertainment can encourage them to learn more effectively and apply this newfound knowledge to each new session. Plus, it makes the entire learning experience fun and inspiring!

Enhance Audience Engagement with Audiovisual Technology

Ways to Enhance Audience Engagement with Audiovisual Technology

Think outside the box! Here are some awe-inspiring ways you can spark your audience’s curiosity with Toronto corporate audiovisual solutions.

3D Projection Mapping

As mentioned, a PowerPoint presentation with background elevator music just won’t cut it. Instead of going with the most basic presentation, take it to the next level by transforming the entire venue in a dynamic way. Projection mapping is just one way to achieve this—it makes digital décor and vibrant images around the room, transforming simple walls and posts into works of art. It can also integrate architectural elements, set pieces, and other structures. By giving your audience something to look at in awe, you can inspire them.

Point Source and Line Array Audio Systems

This system works by using a single speaker or multiple speakers to broadcast the sound from a single point. This sound radiates in a circular motion and works well for situations where the audience is close to the stage (smaller venues). For bigger events, this system works to produce booming, full frequency sounds. If your audience can’t hear you during your presentation, your message will be ineffective. Whether you need single or multiple speakers, you need to make sure the entire room can hear you when you speak. These systems can ensure your sound is crisp, clear, and well-heard.

Throwable Microphones and Mixers

Do you want to make your audience interact with you, without disturbing the flow of your presentation? Throwable microphones allow you to avoid the awkward walk-through of rows of chairs and make audience responses more fun. Whenever someone has a question or response, you can throw the soft-sided cube of the mic and once they catch it they can speak and throw it back. It also lowers the risk of that dreaded moment of hearing crickets during your Q&A.

Video Production Switcher

Cuts between images and videos or sudden blackouts (no images on display) can be unsettling to your audience. If you’ve ever given a presentation before you’ll know how frustrating this can be, especially as you frantically look for image files or broken presentation slides in the middle of your presentation. With a video production switcher, you can see the finished product with smooth dissolves, slides that flow into the next, and audio that follows what’s on the screen.

LED Video Wall

LED video walls can keep communication fresh and guests informed, provide a personalized touch, and provide a myriad of options for your presentation. These large, interlinked sets of LED screens combine to create images that can impress your audience, set the atmosphere, and add an extra dose of magic. Keep in mind there are different types of LED walls (different sizes). A 4mm LED wall is great when there is too much ambient light for projection as the LEDs are bright enough to cut through the sunlight and fine enough to portray presentation text.

Social Walls

People love seeing their name up in lights. Using social walls allows you to promote engagement among attendees while they are networking. During the intermission of your program, you can allow your guests to tweet about your presentation using specific hashtags and display their tweets online using a huge social wall. Everyone in the room will be able to see a live stream of these tweets appear on the screen, creating excitement and interest in your audience.

Custom Content Creation

If you want to create a customized, eye-catching, memorable presentation that your audience will be impressed with, audiovisual technology can provide the support you need. Custom content can be used to match your brand, reinforce your theme, and dazzle the audience. For example, if you’ve recently developed new agricultural technology and are delivering your message to humble farmers, engage them using technology such as 3D projection screens. These screens can be displayed on the walls of your venue to look like a barn or crop field, to generate excitement and curiosity in your audience.


Seeing is believing, and holograms are a unique way to display content that is interactive, animated, and visually exciting. You can use real-world 3D effects with this technology to bring your products, new building, or designs to life. If you want to inspire and amaze your audience, you can use holograms in place of an absentee presenter. This virtual version of your presenter is far more innovative than a pre-recorded video and speaks volumes about your brand’s professionalism, creativity, and talent.

Choose bb Blanc as Your Audiovisual Company in Toronto

Planning a successful and entertaining corporate event takes good planning and the right resources. However, executing an event that blows your audience away and runs seamlessly? For that you need bb Blanc.

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