6 Ways Artists and Live Musicians can Help You Reach Your Event Goals


There are many reasons why companies choose to have live entertainment at their corporate events, but it goes a lot further than just entertaining guests.  Corporate event entertainment adds value to your event by inspiring creativity, rewarding employees, welcoming new clients, setting the tone for a new year, and so much more. If you’re looking for a way to wow your guests and keep them talking for days (even months) after your event is over, corporate party entertainment in Toronto is the way to go. Here’s 6 ways artists and live musicians can help you achieve your event goals at your next event.

What do you want your event entertainment to do?


Generate Interest

Depending on the type of corporate event you are organizing, live music and artists can generate interest. Whether your event will take place at a large exhibition centre or a conference hall, you can get the attention of your prospective clients and customers by using stilt walkers, a live DJ, dancers, and other options that draw people’s attention from across the room. Once your prospects have walked over to your booth, you can keep them engaged by asking your performers to address or interact with your audience.


Reinforce Brand Values

If you’re looking for a unique form of entertainment that shows your value as a company, interactive entertainment for corporate events is a great option. For example, if you’re celebrating your 10th anniversary as a business, you may want to treat your employees to a fun event that shows them your appreciation for their hard work. As you do this, you demonstrate to your team, and other companies that hear about your event, that you care about your team and that you understand success is a team effort.


Enhance Morale

After a long, challenging, exhausting year, it may be a good time to improve company morale and revitalize your employees with an office party. Bring in a live band or hire a comedian to give them a day to enjoy and de-stress. Hiring entertainment is a guaranteed way to increase staff satisfaction and reward them for their dedication.



The main purpose of live entertainment like artists and musicians is to entertain. Entertainers take an ordinary event and transform it into something magical. With live bands and artists, you can enhance the ambiance of your event, create a unique experience for your guests, and engage your audience better than ever. There are so many fun benefits to hiring live entertainment for your corporate party and your event will be the event everyone is talking about for months to come!



If you want to draw in your audience or get more prospects interested at your event, interactive artists for corporate events can help you. They can make connections with guests from out of town or bring in curious prospects to your booth. An emotional connection happens with music, and a professional artist will know how to interact well with your audience.


Stretch Creative Your Muscles

Corporate event entertainment can give planners the chance to flex their creative muscles and show off their talent. Everyone who works to put together an event can use their skills to throw an amazing party for the company. The more planning involved, and the better the entertainment agency, the more exciting and effective the event will be. Whether you’re planning a New Year’s Eve bash, or an annual holiday party, professional entertainment companies can help you achieve the creative, customized event you want.


bb Collective: Our In-House Band for Corporate Event Entertainment

At bb Blanc, we provide professional, experienced entertainment to our clients. Our musicians and performers can turn up the heat with an amazing rock show or slow things down with some classical jazz. Our band takes every event seriously and puts its best foot forward to deliver the most brilliant, exquisite entertainment. We strive to turn ordinary events into extraordinary ones. We have a variety of entertainment and performer options including the following:

  • 7-Piece (or Juno Award) party band (drums, bass, guitar, keys, guitar, saxophone, audio technician)
  • 2 Cocktail musicians, trumpet/trombone player, accordion player, or cultural singer
  • Lighting & set package
  • Custom stage package
  • Full experience

Our Juno Award band is truly special and well-loved by our clients, as each member of the group is a Juno winner! We don’t kid around when we say we deliver the best!



Live Musicians and Artists for Corporate Event Entertainment


Live music and artists can take your corporate event to the next level, but you may be wondering how can you choose the best acts to create the ambience you want? How can you make sure the band suits your theme and atmosphere? If you want live music and artists for your corporate events, give the experts at bb Blanc a call. From conferences and awards ceremonies, to product launches and holiday parties, we can help you set up the perfect event that blows your guests away.


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