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Featured Wedding: Rachel & Michael at The Arlington Estate


Venue: The Arlington Estate
The Vision: A lush garden wedding
Photography: Lindsie Grey

 Rachel & Michael's lush garden wedding was spring goals.  It's what we fantasize of the moment the air goes into double digits after a brutal winter.  With bountiful floral centrepieces and a fully rigged florals statement piece above the dance floor, the West Wing of The Arlington Estate was in full bloom.  The lighting added blush tones to the room for added warmth.  The beautifully framed, built-in projection screens were used to display engagement photos, their on theme monogram, and later in the evening a live-feed of their first dance.

Get the look:

  • In-house audio package
  • Lighting package (pin lights, spot lights, and moving lights)
  • Video package (ballroom screens, live feed, and lobby screens)
  • Rigging






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By Sarah Ashenhurst | May 17th, 2019 | Case Study |

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