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Case Study: Centennial College Student Awards Celebration 2021



With clear goals & expectations, even curve balls & tight timelines can be managed.


️ One Studio

️ Two cameras

️ Nine Technicians

️ 17 video rolls

️ More than 600 active viewers

Many events have successfully moved to digital platforms over the past year. Education and the way we learn is simply one of the many that have done so and done so successfully.

What about awards that celebrate those in education? On April 7, 2021, Centennial College did just that.

The Student Awards Celebration is an annual event which recognizes students who have achieved academic and personal success as well as the generosity of Centennial's donors.

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“The production was flawless, and we have all of you to thank for it” said, Amany Tadros, Senior Development Officer, Events & Sponsorships, Office of Development & Alumni Engagement for Centennial College. 

Even amidst the COVID challenges over the past year, Amany had solid plans in place for her 2021 event. However, when a curve ball threw her original plans offline, she had to find a new venue (broadcast studio) and digital event platform, to ensure those attending could enjoy an experience that adequately celebrated their successes.

With less than a month to the event date, Amany found a window of opportunity with Studio B at bb Blanc.  

This space would safely provide space for one of her two hosts, in addition to allowing her core events team as well as the bb Blanc technical crew, to seamlessly produce the event from behind the scenes.

Student graphic designers were involved to produce the overall “look” for the event. This team collaborated with the content creation team at bb Blanc, who worked to enhance and optimize the student’s design for use in the Studio B backdrops.

Accessibility has always been a key component for Centennial College events, and this was no exception. While digital does by nature allow for better accessibility, Amany had to ensure all bases were covered, including closed captioning and ASL for those in need. The ASL interpreter was brought in via ZOOM and included in the main viewing window. Professional closed captioning was visible on-screen throughout.

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An added benefit of going online was the ability to expand the audience reach. Previous Award celebrations were always well attended, yet there was a cap on the number of attendees that could be accommodated within the venue, resulting in the event being held over a number of days/evenings. This was the first time all awards could be showcased at one time.

In addition, not only could donors, faculty and students attend, but family members of award winners could also join too. This depth of attendance will serve to better spread the message of the wonderful work the college continues to do for their students.

Our combined experience allowed us to work within a tight timeline, 28 days from studio tour to event date, to ensure the event was successful. Established goals from Amany, along with clear communication, and expectations allowed the team to achieve the desired end results.

bb Blanc was proud to work with Centennial College on their 2021 Student Awards Celebration.

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