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Ever working away on site, making sure everything is going according to plan and just hear the AV team say something so bewildering it's like a whole new language? We get it, and we got you.  IT IS like a whole new language and we're great translators. Now let's get down to the nitty gritty.

Actual things your AV/Production teams say on site, translated by our bb Experts.


 "Where's the pile of deads?"

Translation: "Deads" in AV terms refers to empty road cases or "dead cases".  So a "pile" of them is how we keep organized amongst the chaos of load in.  This is essentially where we are putting all the empty cases before taking them back to the truck or to dead case storage.

- Ryan Smids, Operations Manager, bb Blanc


"We're going to use a digital snake for that"

Translation: First off, digital snakes can transfer multiple analog audio inputs and outputs by converting the signals to digital and transferring them across a single Cat 5/6 cable.  This greatly improves simplicity to the rig and decreases setup and strike times.  Many digital audio consoles have proprietary digital snake technologies built in.  All you need in addition is the head of the snake or “stage box” which connects to the other end.  They are commonly used for bands or conferences where multiple mics are being used.

“You haven't seen any quarter to quarters, eh?”

Translation: You may hear this during a chaotic load-in.  Quarter to quarters are pretty standard cables for connecting instruments or amps to a direct input box (DI) which, essentially, eliminates distortion by converting line level to mic level for the best sound quality possible.

- Adam Palleschi,  Project Manager, bb Blanc


"The only thing left is The Push!"

Translation: Okay, so, "The Push" is actually part of the load out not load in, but it's a fun one so we'll include it.  This is the time when the crew moves all the road cases back to trucks or trailers after a job well done!

“We have plenty of space so you can Hollywood the truck”

Translation: Love this one.  It's pretty much saying that we have so much space inside the truck there is no need to stack cases to generate more space. You can just roll the cases in and just strap it. No need to play tetris.

- Chris Rodwell, Project Manager, bb Blanc


Try one yourself:

"Dude, this is a 3-pin XLR, I need a DMX for the movers"


Let us know how you did in the comments below. Need help? Click here to Download our AV/ENG Dictionary.  

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